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Precise power/stroke motion sequences thanks to spindle & bevel gear drives

Simple movement of loads of up to 10 tons with the aid of worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units - both worm gear screw jacks and bevel gear units combine mechanical precision, compact design, robustness and long service life - and are also easy to maintain. Clever combinations with clutches, shafts and electric motors result in clearly structured drive solutions. With Nozag's flexible, innovative worm gear screw jack kit, you can solve many drive situations with standard components.

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Linear drives

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    The new Nozag linear drives are the result of our extensive experience in mechanical engineering and machine building.

    • Robust construction, high tensile and compressive loads possible
    • Fast and simple linking
    • Resistant to wind and weather
    • Low-maintenance for 20 years and longer
    • Setting accuracy up to 0.1 mm possible
    • Mechanical self-locking
    • Compact construction
    • High reliability 

    Thanks to their robust design, these drives can also be used for other industrial applications. The drive is adjusted to the customer requirements. Apart from the standard motors, individual motors can also be installed.

  • The electromechanical linear actuators SHC from Nozag have been developed for heavy duty industrial usage. Thanks to the capsulated construction, they are suitable for any weather.

    The three standard sizes 10, 25 and 50 kN have been designed for solar trackers and are always available at short notice with the desired stroke. Check out these very attractive alternatives to standard linear actuators.

    During construction and design, our engineers sought for low cost solutions that are simple and yet resistant to the harsh outdoors. That's why we have applied for a patent on our linear actuators SHC.

  • Access a new range of performance with threaded spindles and nuts! Nozdrive® is based on an innovative rolling nut principal and provides a powerful answer to the weak points in standard drives with trapezoid threaded spindles, whose period of use is short, due to the friction warmth.

    In this innovative rolling nut principle, the threads roll over and into each other rather than sliding together, this provides a significant performance enhancement. Another big plus of this rolling, it allows big ratios without the need for an additional gearbox. The form closure of the thread also warrants the safeguard of a load.

  • Nozdrive® is custom made to your application.
  • We focus on applications in the following parameters:

    At least 100 pieces per series
  • Spindle diameter 5 to 50 mm
  • A maximum of 600 mm stroke length
  • A maximum static load of 100 kN

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